Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running in the Dark

Last night a group of runners met on the Conestoga Trail in Lancaster County, Pa for a night run up and down the rocks and hills along the Susquehanna River. Being a night run I left all photo gear at home. What's to take a picture of in the dark on a sticky, sweaty night run? Big mistake!

As 15 of us crested a rocky outcropping bathed in moonlight and wide open views of the river we were treated to a 4th of July fireworks display that was in full swing. The river was dotted with boat lights blinking and bobbing. The sky was illuminated in reds, and whites. The air was full of the sounds of the woods broken with the crack and pop of the fireworks which we viewed on a level gaze. We paused to admire the surprising scene and revel in the unexpected. As the display faded everyone seemed to silently exhale: What a great night for a run!

The night was complete with the occasional rock and roll music floating up the valley from partying campsites below, a Conrail freighter making its way North as we ran above, a humidity breaking breeze at the Pinnacle overlook, and grilled sausages provided by Chris McDougall at the finish.

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