Saturday, March 17, 2012

Corned Beef and Deconstructed Colcannon

I forgot about Saint Patrick's Day. As I was passing a few hikers on the AT this morning the bright green t-shirt on a female hiker reminded me that I don't have any green running clothes and I forgot to put my short ribs on cure.

With apologies to Michael Ruhlman (I have yet to purchase Charcuterie) I reached for the industrial feed lot, cryovaced, corned beef. It's a shame really.  My grass fed, grade A quality short ribs are in the freezer just waiting to be cured. Unfortunately,due to my failure to plan I was forced to take the road most travelled. At least now I have a taste/texture baseline to compare my future efforts of "corning" my own beef. Will there be a big difference? We will see.

After a successful day of trail running, scrubbing the deck, and gardening it was no problem to eat a few plates of this wonderful dish. Sadly, there will be no cabbage or potatoes for leftovers despite the Colcannon recipe suggesting it will serve 4-6. It really only served 1 wannabe ultra runner and 1 normal person with some leftover corned beef for tomorrow. 

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