Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time to Plant

The moon is right and the spring fever is starting to build. It's time to get the seeds started! I've filled my planting tray's with potting soil and rigged up a light above the bathtub. Usually I plant the seeds and think to myself, "I'll remember what I planted where". Yeah. Right.

So this year I made simple planting markers out of tape and toothpicks. So far so good.

As usual I've purchased more than twice the amount of seeds that I could hope to squeeze in my modest garden plot.There are too many interesting varieties and I just can't help myself. A few that I have high hopes for this year include:

Corno Di Toro Rosso Peppers, Yellow Wild Strawberries, and Red Siberian Tomatoes

Japanese Suyo Long Cucumber, Tequila Sunrise Peppers, and Trombocino Rampicante Squash

As soon as the ground dries a bit I'll be sowing spinach and lettuce. Also on the spring list of garden chores is to build a few cold frames with the windows I found in the alley a few weeks ago.

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