Saturday, January 14, 2012

Corn Cakes

Corn. Corn on the cob. Creamed corn. Corn and lima beans. Corn syrup. The list could go on and on and on. I have shied away from corn recently but decided to give corn cakes a shot after finding masa harina (corn meal treated with lime) at the grocery. It was an impulse buy. As I type that I laugh. How many people buy corn flour on whim as if it were a creamy chocolate mousse or velvety red cupcake?

Corn cakes are quite simple:. Corn flour, corn kernels, course corn meal, baking powder, salt, water, almond milk, and honey. You could also mix in an egg if you wanted.

 Stir the dry, stir in the wet and then pour on the griddle. Despite their simplicity I screwed up as I was initially going to make corn tortillas. I mixed the corn meal and water only to have visions of fluffier corn cakes fill my head.

Despite the screw-up the batter came together after some aggressive mixing.

They turned out ok.

Corn Cake topped with Braised Red Cabbage, Pulled Pork, and Mustard BBQ Sauce

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