Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Growing A Farmer

I just started reading Kurt Timmermeister's: Growing a Farmer - How I Learned to Live Off the Land. Kurt is a restauranteur who dreams of self sustained living. He want to raise milk cows, pick fresh fruit from the backyard orchard and enjoy the smell of warm, fertile soil. Ahhh the romance of the earth in it's natural beauty. The beginnings of his conversion from restauranteur to farmer come to light as he discusses preparing pre-portioned, frozen, chicken breasts:  "After a day in the cooler these chicken popsicles defrost into a slimy chicken product.......chicken breasts were the first thing on my menu I stopped eating."  He concludes, "Little by little I came to be unable to eat at my own restaurant at all. It was a humiliating position to be in. I couldn't see the propect of changing the restaurant into a more health conscious business -  the financial pressures were to great.  My relationship with food had been shaken, and by proxy my own image of myself."

Perhaps "meatless Monday's" aren't so bad!

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